7th Dragon III – Chapter 3.6 (Intermission)

Cats and Characters

As usual, we’re woken up by Allie for a briefing. It seems Julietta is close to connecting the Portal to the next era, while Nagamimi is drowning in post-processing stage of the Atlantis evacuation plan. I enjoy the mental image of the understuffed plush under a pile of collapsed folders, cursing at anybody who walks by. So what we’re gonna do is… have a vacation! …?

Dialog choice: “I don’t know what to do, though…” and “Does anyone need help?” Former. Allie says we’re free to go anywhere and do anything until they need us. Although… if we have nothing in mind, she suggests that there are quests to do, since the company has gotten so busy recently.

Sure enough, Chika the quest girl is whining about the massive workload. Dialog choice: “You seem busy…” and “Anything I can help with?” – Latter. As it happens, there are three quests that specifically ask for us:

* Mio wants to hang out with us.
* Yuma wants to train together in the VR game.
* Eigur wants our help because Ulania seems down.

Now that I looked at the list, there’s also one from Julietta from much earlier in the game. With a heart icon. The same as Yuma and Eigur’s quests. But it lacks the star symbol of the current three. Interesting…

Come to think of it, I’ve been neglecting the quests up to this point in favor of advancing the story. So I might as well take the time to go through those.

First off: Julietta wants us to debug 7th Encount. Apparently, a Dragon popped up in there out of nowhere and he wants it gone.

The Dragon certainly looks threatening… but not anymore at my current level. It might have been a more challenging back when the quest first popped up- Wait. Did I just get a Dz from that thing? …Are we sure this is pure VR? Or have the Dragons entered a digital generation?

We bring the bug report to one of the devs, who takes a look at it and redirects us to “Doctor Julietta”. It just sounds odd to hear him being addressed like that. He almost gives us a big thank-you kiss… but stayed because he had spaghetti and garlic for lunch. Thank you, garlic spaghetti.

Now that I take a look, I probably should have done quests as they become available. For one reason, some of the quests have rewards that aren’t just items or currency. Also, certain NPCs I come across are… “colorful”. We help out this one Tokusatsu-style character called “Blaster Raven”, whose “Blaster Pen” is missing. Then there’s this creature researcher lady who asks for a pile of ancient snail flesh for “mineral research” – with her stomach, that is.

We also have to hunt down a fish that disappeared from its aquarium, because it apparently counts as a “company employee”, which means it can’t go missing. Eesh, just how much do people get pushed around here? (According to Chika, all of it. According to Rika, none.) The employee in charge of the Atlantis Ward gives us a photo of the fish and its species name (Polypterus Bellochio), and tells us to go find out more about it from an old scholar in the ward, who has taught her so many things about the species. I went in there thinking it either got eaten by mistake or died, and we’d have to catch a replacement. That’s where the story goes in a completely different direction.

The scholar, when told the situattion and asked about the fish, says that… he doesn’t remember anything about it. He then speculates that it might not exist anymore; the fish may well have existed in the waters around Atlantis… but since we saved the citizens of Atlantis, they lost one of their eventual food sources – the corpses from the city that they originally got access to. ………JESUS, GAME. I’m sorry I saved all these people…??

As we speak, even the fish image in the photo disappears. How does that make sense? If the fish stopped existing way back, wouldn’t the photo itself stop existing? And the quest? …What was I even doing again? (Actually, that’s exactly what happens to the old scholar as soon as the conversation is over.)

When we report back to the employee girl, she says they just found the fish! A “Polypterus Pasolini”…??


She then happily gives us our reward and the quest is over.

……… My gods, game! This is terrifying! I probably could have expected a completely different fish taking the place, but the change being just significant enough for us to notice is… It’s like the world spinning a thousand times around us within a blink and nobody noticing!

Also, I checked the name “polypterus” out of curiosity. It’s a genus within a family of fish called “bichir”. Which live in freshwater. …I’ll admit that I’m nowhere near expert in biology, but “freshwater” implies quite a distance from “middle of the ocean”. Sure, the Lucier probably had a sustainable supply of freshwater, but if that’s where the fish thrived in, wouldn’t they have died out anyway when the surrounding water walls collapsed and they’re exposed to a massive spike in salinity as well as new predators? Or am I to understand that it’s possible for different species under a single genus of fish could develop survivability in two different kinds of water respectively? …Or is the “new” fish really the exact same organism all along, but named differently because of a different circumstance of discovery?

In any case, today’s lesson: DON’T FUCK WITH THE PAST OR THINGS WILL GET CONFUSING. Results from tampering with the past happen gradually.

With all the minor quests (currently available) done, let’s go for Mio’s “quest”. She’s waiting for us in the plaza. Dialog choice: “I’m glad you invited me.” and “What should we do for our date?” – Hm, latter? She doesn’t exactly deny it… She doesn’t have any specific place in mind though, so she asks us. Another choice: “Anywhere with you is perfect, Mio.” and “Somewhere with a view sounds nice.” – Let’s try putting some moves on, just to see how she reacts. …Again, she giggles and slightly embarassed. The girl’s not trying to be subtle, that’s for sure.

Right then, she says she feels dizzy… and collapses! All of a sudden, Yorimoto of all people runs in, shouting not to touch her. He asks us if we noticed some symptoms. Dialog choice: “She was energetic as always…” vs. “She was coughing a lot today…” – First one is just daft. This shocks Yorimoto, and he reveals that she’s suffering from Dragon Sickn-Yeah, we already know.

At the Medical Lab, the doctor treats her and confirms that she has Dragon Sickness. …I guess the game is trying to make sure nobody misses that important detail. Anyway, Mio has been suppressing it with medicine, but it’s getting worse because of her recent work stress. Yorimoto asks if there’s a cure, and of course an ISDF Admiral should know that there isn’t – though I do wonder if his question wasn’t really a query… but an expression of futile hope. The doctor does say, however, that any chance of clean recovery lies with eliminating the source.

Mio regains consciousness and tries to act tough, but quickly figures that it’s pointless. She admits that she’s felt the sickness for five years, only getting by with treatment from her grandpa, Nagumo Mikio – the ISDF scientist we’ve already seen in the last Suspicious Organization Theater scene. He’s supposedly from “ISDF Life Science Lab on Mt. Fuji” but quit some time ago, so yeah, it checks out.

Dialog choice: “Is he really that famous?” or “Please just check on Mio.” – Wha- no! Don’t shove the exposition under the rug, Digital Me! Mio describes him as a simple doctor in a small clinic, but the doctor insists that he’s revered in the medical field like a god. After seeing Yuma, I’m inclined to agree; who else can make firmware-updatable humans? Anyway, he won’t be able to come pick up Mio at the moment because he’s “out of town on a business trip”, and she’s currently living alone. She keeps saying that she’ll be OK by herself, so Yorimoto throws a big “You imbecile!” her way to stop pushing herself unnecessarily! The doctor suggests that she stays under Nodens’ treatment until her grandpa returns, as she reveals she doesn’t have her parents anymore either.

Mio is still reluctant to be a burden for others, and I get a dialog choice for her: “You’re not causing trouble” and “You’re important to us.” – About the same, so going with the latter. Between my character’s insistence and Yorimoto’s assurance to contact her grandpa at HQ, Mio finally complies. As Yorimoto leaves, she asks him why he’s being so nice to her; he just replies with a characteristically standard “I work for all the citizens” evasion. But he also suggests that Mio be less self-deprecating and more confident – I agree.

Mio has one more request: She has a kitty cat at home, and someone needs to take care of her while she’s hospitalized. So I gotta go talk to Allie about… allowing pets in the office, I guess. Not that I can imagine her refusing. Again, a dialog choice to Mio’s apology for the trouble: “We’ll beat this sickness together.” and “We can have another date later.” – Former. You hang in there, girl! And she seems to have been encouraged by that response too!

We enter the Conference Room, ignoring what we just heard about Allie massaging Julietta’s liver. We tell her the situation, and she’s as accomodating as expected. Even better, in fact: She’s gonna start a Cat Café-NO NEED TO SAY MORE, I’M IN. Julietta, on the other hand, is quite staunchly against the idea. Dialog choice: “But cats are so cute.” and “Do you hate cats?” – Latter. To which he says that his problem is quite the opposite: He loves cats so much, it’ll be too distracting!! Yo, my man. WE – GET – EACH – OTHER. High-five! Allie is especially poised to make it happen now, just to see Julietta squirm in vain… to get away from those… heavenly floofs… but eventually… fall to their- NO! Focus, me! I mean Julietta!

Now that it’s cat-tled settled, we’ll need to gather Dz – which I conveniently have – just to build a floor for those regal ruffians. Gee, even when it comes to rare and special space material, cats get their own share. It’s like they own part of the world or something. After that, we’ll have to go grab lost cats-Really? …Not that I’m personally unwilling if a cat is truly ownerless, but is it legal in Japan? No registrations or pre-adoption checkups?

We run into Yorimoto as we exit. As it happens, Nagumo is currently part of an important project and will be unable to come home for a while. He then asks Mio’s situation, which we relay. And a dialog choice: “Is something bothering you?” and “You’re very kind, Yorimoto.” – Oh, definitely the latter. He replies “That’s quite bold of you…” and… … …that’s it?

Quite unexpectedly, he then gives us some info on some stray cats he saw in the Tokyo Underground during one of his recent missions. He speculates that they must have been left behind by their owners after the 2020 Calamity – and then wistfully remarks that he’s not one to talk.

Oh my… Yorimoto is not just a stone-faced softie, but a cat-person too?! Good gods, old man! Just give me the permission to cat-hug you already!

As I mentioned earlier, Tokyo Underground is actually a stage from 7th Dragon 2020, and there was indeed a particularly thrilling operation against a massive Dragon that the original Unit 13 was crucial in. And now we’re back here for… cats. Nagamimi complains about being in charge of something mundane – Oh, fuck you, bunny; cats are Serious Business. Although I do agree with his off-hand suggestion of throwing female Lucier in for a Nekomimi Café… if only because not only have I been sitting on that idea ever since we saved the Lucier, I’m also fairly confident that Allie’s gonna sign off on it at some point. Even Digital Me agrees wholeheartedly!

So the map has been updated to show cats as rescuable individuals. We also find an occasional human or two which ~I suppose we should take along…~

A bit further in, we find a tabby facing off against a monster mob. Nagamimi tells us to jump in before the cat becomes its dinner. …What a terrible thought.

Anyway, we got the cats and now we can finally build the Cat Café Lv. 1! Nagamimi is annoyed by the fact that its throwaway chide against the Sacred Feline Sanctuary about adding Lucier has been considered seriously; I am pleased by this. ISDF just sent over Mio’s cat too, so we go tell her, and she tells us about her cat. Apparently, its his name is “Ichiro”, because her name ends with an O, like zero, so her “little brother” gets to be a one (“Ichi”). What do you mean “small talk”? Casual feline nomenclature is a serious topic, people. (Also: I know this is probably just an extra explanation added in English, but I find it funny that Mio is explaining what a Japanese word means… when we’re already in Tokyo. Unless my near-explicitly Japanese character is somehow supposed to be a foreigner.)

While we’re gushing about cats, Yuma drops in – and I have officially come across every major character through this single quest. Turns out he’s the servant courier for Ichiro that Yorimoto sent, and Ichiro has already settled into the Café. Mio again asks why Yorimoto is doing so much for her. Yuma reveals that – as already hinted at to us – his superior and Mio’s grandpa go way back, but can’t reveal more because classified information is involved, and suggests that Mio ask Yorimoto herself. …Excuse me, did he just casually drop a vitally important hint and walk away?

Mio, ever the worrywart, start to stress again after seeing everybody help her out, so we get the dialog choice to keep her focused: “You’ll be cured soon.” and “Just concentrate on recovering.” – Latter. She’s still quite adamant about going back to navigating as soon as she can get out of bed – there’s no cure for Dragon Sickness yet, so she wants to do what she can while she still can. She talks about how hopeless she felt when she first found out about her disease, but knowing now that she still has a safe margin of time, she’s dead set on her course.

We then finally get to our quest rewards – a Mio-made cookie and a Cat Pendant. She also shyly asks if we wanna continue “our date” once she recovers. Girl, I will surround you with all of the cats.

So! That was a long quest. Right after we finish it, we get another quest in the list: We’re gonna “learn about the past”? And we haven’t even done the other two quests yet.

This is going to be a long intermission, isn’t it?

So let’s go for Allie’s quest. Chika explains a bit of the company’s history: Allie bought a small game company near bankruptcy, and then made a huge hit with 7th Encount, which led to today’s multinational corporation. The rest is history – which is Allie herself. I had a feeling this quest isn’t merciful enough to just end with Chika’s cliffnoted version.

Allie actually redirects us to the Reference Room. Our first book is on Atlantis – which nobody has bothered to read or understand yet. We’re sent to grab the book, and then have certain chapters specified to be read at the desk- I can’t believe it. We’re actually being put through a library study session experience in an RPG. Not that I’m objecting; I just don’t remember that happening in JRPGs I’ve played so far. Usually, I just talk to people and read stuff on my own accord. So it felt pretty odd earlier in the game when I first built the Reference Room and there’s nothing I could read in there.

Chapter 1: A Rare Species

“No genetic discrepancies have been confirmed between the Lucier and the modern man.” – Uhhhhh… no.

“However, some schools advocate the theory that the Lucier are in fact the progenitors of mankind itself.” – Oh, okay. Now it makes sense.

Chapter 5: The Voice of the Stone

Knowledge of mineral, smithing, orichalcum, etc. But here’s what I didn’t know before: The Lucier DNA remains were discovered in 2021, which led to Lucier clones, who are now working in World Relief Corps. I… hope somebody told the real deals in the ward that the world is used to Lucier- Oh, right, nobody’s read this book yet.

Hold on – if this book was from Atlantis, how do they know about the Lucier clones? Or did the original Lucier we rescued eventually find out about it, went back to their own time and wrote about things happened in the future that is the past of the present that is also the future and I think my brain just tripped.

Chapter 8: The Hero and the Queen

Nothing we don’t already know. It seems history has changed enough to mention an “unknown hero” working together with Ulania to take down Nyala.

So here’s something unusual: When we report back to Allie afterwards, she asks us what we think about Atlantis and we get a triple-choice answer. “Ancient civilizations are amazing.”; “I appreciate what they did.”; “Could the hero be…” – Hmm… Middle one sounds a bit nonchalant? Tempted by what she might explain about the third one, so picking that. She asks whether I acted according to the legend… or was the legend born according to how I acted. Oh no, this is gonna be a time… loopy thingy doesn’tmakesense stuff, isn’t it?

In any case, I’ve apparently completed “Employee Training I”. Well, that wasn’t so long-Oh, come on! Another one?!

So… gotta accept the quest again. As per the regulations, Chika “educates” us, in a tone as lively as being forced to read an orbituary at gunpoint, about President Allie the Great that has brought joys to her people through her hard-earned money and how they all hope to work for her until on their deathbe……… Is Allie following a completely different definition of “President”?

This time, we’re apparently learning about the 2000s. Speaking as someone still alive in 2016: Can I not…? Just this year alone has been squarely in the shitter; and as far as in-game history is concerned, I’ve got only four years until Space Dragons ruin everything anyway.

Anyway – The Great Dragon War, Part 1 and 2. (Trivia: Part 1 was all build-up to purely-action Part 2.) Part 2 is actually on loan by a Lucier girl, so gotta go get that. She explains that they’ve been taking turns reading, and the way Tokyo was rebuilt in a mere century has been very inspiring. Hey, good to hear. We’re to read the beginning of Part 1 and the end of Part 2. So… “Dragons came” and “Dragons left”?

Part 1: Murakumo and the Dragon

The Dragons’ arrival; Japanese counterattack with Murakumo Unit 13; Half-Dragon Mizuchi; True Dragon name smudged- Wait, what? I’d be suspicious of who did that and why, but… I have literally met and killed the son of a gun. Even if I haven’t, several characters know about it. Not exactly the best censoring job I’ve seen, and I grew up in a country where “censoring” literally involves a pair of scissors and a shot of a vase.

Part 2: Indomitable Spirit

Okay, so this should be new information for me. Yes yes, “Fomalhaut”, and… it brought the Dragonsbane? …I’m pretty sure the Dragonsbane spread over the world as soon as Nyala’s invasion began. Although maybe black Dragonsbane is a distinct variety altogether.

Unit 13 once again fought, and… Emel became the new head of Murakumo? And she died?! Aww… the girl was so helpful. Kirino received the duties, revived a Lucier named Marina, made the Dragonslayer, and killed Dragon Truly dead.


Two Dragon invasions in two successive years reduced world population by 85% and over 100 nations gone. Mankind started a new calendar called United Era – the UE 77 year mentioned at the start of the game – and rebuilt the world. Murakumo was discreetly absorbed into ISDF, and Kirino led its research division. But it got dissolved in UE 55 because… everybody was old? Huh. I’m surprisingly having trouble coming up with an “old” joke. All of their data was lost too because… they probably forgot to back it up – Oh hey, there it is~

And what next… Global population is back up to 50% of pre-Calamity era, uh huh. Murakumo may fade away but their spirit lives on-Seriously? You guys have computers. Archive these stuff! A woman could have her private footage posted online without her consent and might never get it back down, but heroes that saved the fucking world TWICE? Oooooh, let’s not be hasty, guys~!

Report back to Allie again. “I’m interested in Murakumo.”; “Those people were amazing!”; “There was a smudge in the book.” – Last one; I must know. Actually, Allie explains that it’s because we’ve knocked Nyala out of the equation in Atlantis for this new history… and not to worry about the details. Um… Yes, I would like to?? If Nyala croaked early, which bugger started the Calamity? Did it arrive in mint condition? Did we beat it? Do we have a new specimen now? Was that just Fomalhaut as a vicar? Did the second invasion happen? Or did the Calamity happen at all? Was Unit 13 ever formed? If they didn’t, why are we still here? Who’s gonna go back in time to smack Nyala? If nobody smacked Nyala, does that mean history is back on track, which leads back to us going back in time to smack Nyala? AND WHY ARE MY BRAIN CELLS NOT IN TOP GEAR?!

wOkAy……… pOInt tAkEn… All hAIl prEsIdEnt AllIE… And thank gods there aren’t any more history lessons! I don’t think I can take a dose of “future history” after that. Let’s clear our head with a VR entertainment version of what we do. Which also counts as training. So it’s exactly the same thing we’ve been doing.

We meet up with Yuma at the arcade, and he tells us that there’s something he wanted to confirm and he figured a joint training is the way to go. Dialog choice: “Bring it.” and… “We should just fight each other.”? That escalated quickly. Oh, that’s definitely a goal for him, but not today. He wants to utilize the game’s high accuracy for combat assessment, and uses us as an example for how well things turned out. Dialog choice: “Even I’m surprised” and “But I’m no match for you, Yuma.” – Latter? He replies that it’s only in terms of battle experience.

Anyway, we log in, and turns out Yuma put this request through Julietta, who will also be monitoring our session. Since this is for training, monsters are adjusted to be appropriate to our level. Us and Yuma are to work separately and not interact with each other or even help. Our goal: Top floor.

We come across a Dragon (simulation?), which Yuma one-punch with just 20% of his power; Nyala installation seems to be working fine. Julietta is surprised that the strength gap has widened drastically since Atlantis, but Yuma replies that he’s “growing” just like we are.

So we take the next Dragon – a… Tyrannosaurus?! Julietta evaluates that the currently set difficulty is indeed appropriate for our level – which means the spiking numbers from Yuma are actually correct. Yuma thanks us for the display, but also critiques that we still need some work on functioning as a team. Also, I’m pretty sure I just got a Dz from that thing. Might wanna check for Dragon-holes in the security again, guys.

We decide to take the next Dragon as well, but before we start, Yuma reminds us that there’s another Dragon nearby who will eventually join the fray. We have a dialog choice: “I can handle it.” vs. “You want this one?” – I’m surprised; will this actually change how many we fight? So far, most of the game’s choices have only resulted in minor dialog differences. I’m also not sure why he’s giving us a tutorial on multi-Dragon encounters when we’ve already had those multiple times already. In any case, we can handle two.

Yuma is again really impressed, but he reserves the best praise for the time being. Starting from now, it’s SRSBSNS, yo. Shut up, “First one to the top!” still counts. When we get to the roof, Yuma is already waiting there. But he does compliment us for being four minutes faster than expected. …Showoff. Dialog choice: “I lost…” and “Is that it?” – Latter. Yuma is amused by our enthusiasm; says he hasn’t found training this exciting in quite a while.

Before we leave, Julietta cuts in, insisting that we’ve shown our limits but not Yuma-boy – so he’s gonna be getting a “special stage”. Ooh, I like the sound of that. What’s it gonna be? A stage from earlier titles? A wave of Dragons? Multiple High Dragons?

OR A DIGITAL REPLICA OF NYALA. That works too, I guess. Not that it makes a difference, since Yuma one-punches it anyway. He then talks about how we’ll one day catch up to his level – but he’ll also be at a higher level by then. Dialog choice: “Sounds like we’re rivals.” and “I’m going to catch up with you.” – latter. To which Yuma blithely replies that we’ll never be his equal. …Okay? Whatever you say, guy. You’re the one having self-esteem issues just last chapter because we happened to go a few levels higher than you.

Back in the real world, he reminds us to not be too lax – monster attacks are frequent and Dragon Sickness is spreading. Dragons, he says, are certainly smart – but man is smarter. Dialog choice: “You’re probably right” and “Why do you say that?” – latter. When questioned, he says that our trip to Atlantis and victory over Nyala is proof enough. And then kinda drones on about “purpose of his existence”, “Man >>>>> Dragon”, etc.

“Let us fight together until the end… Until the time when humanity finally reigns supreme.”

Yup… De~finitely gonna end in a boss fight. He should stay away from the Evil Shoe. …Get it? I split “Akutsu” into Aku (Evil) and Kutsu (Shoe)- Bite me, it’s the height of punnery.

Let’s finally get to Eigur’s quest. …Which is requested “anonymously”. Despite the first objective glaringly stating that he’s the one to talk to. …Right. Anyway, he wants us to take Ulania somewhere to cheer her up. She’s been depressed lately, but being the Queen, she’s not exactly in a good position to let her feelings show like the citizens. And when she’s depressed, people around her get depressed too. Eigur also would like to make clear that HE’S ONLY DOING THIS FOR THE PEOPLE AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT.

We suggest the idea to Ulania, who isn’t against it but also don’t want to… “leave the people”? (Does she mean being indulgent?) Dialog choice: “This will help them.” and “It’s OK every once in a while.” – Former. She does end up agreeing to spend some time for herself – hopefully with some pants on, but life isn’t always merciful.

Before we depart, she goes meet Eigur – who, in case you forgot, does not have anything to do with this – if he wants to tag along. He refuses while looking away– Seriously, dude; you tell me to not blow your cover and you’re being this obvious? So, we gotta pick some place to go. Dialog choice: “Where do you want to go?” and “How about somewhere quiet?” – Let’s try the former. She picks the terrace from the other day to look at the ocean.

As it turns out, Ulania is still restless about Atlantis – having doubts about its continued existence despite our actions. Dialog choice: “If only I was stronger…” and “You’re all alive though, Ulania.” – latter. She thanks us for saving her race, but still can’t shake off feeling inadequate as a ruler. Dialog choice: “You did everything you could.” vs “Nobody has that strength.” – probably not the latter. She reluctantly asks if we could go further back in time before Nyala’s invasion to save the kingdom before the situation got critical – as well as saving her father.

So we take her to go talk to Julietta about the idea. Julietta doesn’t blame her – ludicrous as he may find the idea – but it’s not possible to execute. Not only does it require a massive amount of Dz, his time machine is apparently limited to certain eras. Something about pinpointing the temporal signal of the entropy caused by a True Dragon’s presence… wibbly wobbly timey wimey and so on. Dialog choice: “Will we be able to in the future?” and “So there’s no way?” – Former. He doesn’t exactly deny the possibility, but again – time paradox, the past individual’s will not carrying over to the future, creating a separate timeline and I think my brain is mushing like a cat under sunlight. Short version: No, she can’t because science, and Julietta suggest just doing what we can in the present.

Dialog choice: “I agree with Julietta.” and “Let’s do what we can right now.” – latter. This seems to ease Ulania’s worries, and she thanks us for going out of our way to save them in the first place. As we prepare to part ways, she says it’s a bit early to finish up. Dialog choice: “You’re right!” and “Let’s just get you home already.” – Definitely former. She says she wants to go to the plaza.

Sure enough, she runs into humans who just seem to think she’s a cosplayer. And then I get control so that I can walk her around the plaza and watch people’s reactions to her… most of which is men fetishizing her appearance, unfortunately.

All things considered, Ulania seems to soak in the new atmosphere pretty well. Interestingly, she has gained some clarity: The Lucier took a huge emotional blow from losing Atlantis because that’s all they knew. But now she’s hopeful about integrating and making this their second home – even after they rebuild Atlantis. And she’s determined to bring that hope to her people next. We reported back to Eigur, who happily tells us that his folks are starting to look cheerful again. All quest finally complete!

Nagamimi calls right then that Allie and Julietta are waiting for us in the Conference Room with a “good news”. Mainly just telling us that analysis of the new specimens are done and we’re halfway there. We now also have access to a new era!

We wake up to Nagamimi’s urgent call – ISDF guys are here, and… things aren’t looking good? Oh, you mean “Dragonsbane rapidly spreading across Tokyo and Dragons everywhere”. Personally, I call it “last game”, but they call it the “3rd Invasion of Tokyo”. Eigur is anxious about Dragons destroying this world too, but both Yuma and Allie do their “we believe in humanity” thing. However, we still need the completed Dragon Chronicle to uphold that confidence.


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